Logo Design

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A logo design needs to be clean and professional. Your logo is the first impression your company makes, you need to make a good one. What does your current logo say about you? 

Your logo is more then just a nice arrangement of letters or a piece of clip art. It needs to say who you are, not just what you do. Without the personal contact, that "feel" for what you do and what your objectives are will most likely be lost.

What is the price of a logo design? It depends on who you choose. There are countless sites out there that job out your logo to a "farm".  Logo farms are businesses located in foreign countries where you can get your logo designed for less then you spent for breakfast. They can produce your logo, but does the graphic designer in another country understand your industry? Your competition? Was there any research into your target market? Do they even speak the language of your target market?

If you are a new business start up, your logo design is the first step. Then you'll need your printed material like brochures, letterhead and cards. You'll also need to apply your new logo to your building signs and vehicle lettering. We can handle everything you need, so you have to drive to countless locations, chase down and transport files between them, and make separate trips to pick it all up.

Start your branding & graphic design projects with Guido Graphics, and we will get your business started right. We will provide everything you need to successfully advertise and promote the launch of your new business... or re-brand an existing one, all with one stop.


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